Content Marketing

because content is always king

Content marketing represents the future of Internet marketing and is the most important factor in building a corporate identity. It is also a magnet for both site visitors and search engines by creating and delivering high-value content that ensures you stay competitive in the busy business world. But content marketing is not as simple as it needs to plan, study and build a clear strategy that determines the path of this content and analyzes its future impact. If you are thinking about building a brand with a vision and plan for long-term results, this is the best service for you.



Good understanding of the product/service.

Our extensive work experience allows us to create high-value content that helps you reach and maintain your target audience. This requires research, planning, content creation, finding the right sources and then reviewing and analyzing campaign results constantly. Good marketing planning involves a good understanding of your product/service as well as your target audience.

Step 2

Build content

To those who arrive more important than those who reach you

Each product or service has its own target audience, and it is important to understand both the psychological and motivation of your target audience when building content. We at Sahel reach pay special attention to ensuring that content contributes to the value proposition of your products and services to the target audience based on their preferences and purchasing culture. This is done by experts specializing in the corporate content marketing industry, which encourages your customers to interact with you through social media and promote you correctly

Step 3

Implement promotional campaigns and build an audience

Building any mass base in social media is the most difficult and complicated step.

So we at Sahel reach our expertise and knowledge in how to build a true organic audience by educating them and engaging them in the brand to feel that they are part of the experience, our strong and long term strategies, we plant seeds that will develop passion, affection and brand attachment.

Who is this service for?

Each company is looking to build or promote its brand through websites and social media, allowing it to
be present and compete and then reach as many customers as possible. This service is for every company that has a long-term vision and is looking for a partner to help it achieve its goal. Our consultants and experts will work with you step by step to build your marketing plan and build your
website's promotional content and social media


Why marketing content?

1Websites that produce regular content receive 8 time more traffic.

2Content marketing costs 62% less than external marketing.

3Content marketing generates 3 times the number of leads like External marketing.

4Content marketing promotes e-marketing and marketing efforts through social media.

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